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How it works

There are three ways to use the Values Canvas:

  1. At the start of an AI project to create your strategy for embedding ethical values

  2. Collaboratively with your department or team to discover what missing resources are needed to successfully execute AI initiatives

  3. As the catalyst for designing your organization's holistic Responsible AI strategy 

Values Canvas

Your comprehensive guide to creating a successful strategy for responsible AI.

Step One

Know your values 

List and define the ethical values you want to embed into your business and your technology in the top section of the Values Canvas.

Step One

Step Two

Follow the guiding questions

In each of the element boxes you will find a definition for what the element is, the need it fills, and guiding questions to help you ideate on potential solutions. Use the space to explore ideas on your own or in a brainstorming session with your team. 

Step Two

Step Three

Complete solution statements

At the bottom of every element box, you will find a fill-in-the-blank solution statement. The objective is to translate your ideas into the solution statement, creating a concrete and practical answer to each elements' needs. 

Step Three

Get Started

Download the Values Canvas and start your journey to responsible AI enablement today

Understanding the Values Canvas

The Values Canvas is made up of three pillars: People, Process, and Technology. Each pillar is broken down into three elements, with each element capturing a specific need that your responsible AI initiatives must fill. Another way to think about this is that the elements highlight the impact points in which you can translate your ethical values into reality for your company and technology through strategic solutions. You can hone in and work on a single element solution, or zoom out to understand how all the element solutions work together to create an efficient and effective Responsible AI strategy. 

People looks at who is building or using AI. This pillar focuses on company culture, trianing, and leadership needs. The three elements are: Educate, Motivate, and Communicate. 


Technology is about what AI is being built or used. This pillar looks at the best development and adoption practices needed for AI success. The three elements are: Data, Document, and Domain.


Process is focused on how AI is being built or used. This pillar covers the operational and governance structures needed to execute on AI. It is made up of three elements: Intent, Implement, and Instrument.


Learn More

Want to learn more about how, when, and why to use the Values Canvas? We offer a variety of workshops, keynotes, and advisory sessions to help you get up and running in no time. 

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