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The making of the Values Canvas

Team behind the Values Canvas
Olivia Gambelin

Meet the creator

The Values Canvas was created by Olivia Gambelin and is featured in her book Responsible AI. Over the years advising executives on ethical strategies as an AI Ethicist, Gambelin noticed a common blocker to responsible AI among her clients. Although everyone was talking about AI and responsible practices, no one knew where to start or how to tell if they were missing something essential. Thus, the Values Canvas was born. 

Meet the designers

A tool is only as good as its design. Knowing that usability would be key for the success of the Values Canvas, Gambelin partnered with Design MBA students from the California College of Arts to bring the Canvas to life. Thanks to the coordination of the program's director, Justin LokitzGambelin worked with Kirsten Collins, Armando Somoza, Michelle Zamora, and Yves Louise to design, develop, and test the Values Canvas, keeping a keen emphasis on accessibility and ease of use.

Gambelin is forever grateful to these design thinkers and strategists for getting her to (finally) move on from the Values Canvas's first iterations of a horribly drawn pyramid. 

Learn More

Want to learn more about how, when, and why to use the Values Canvas? We offer a variety of workshops, keynotes, and advisory sessions to help you get up and running in no time. 

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