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Want to learn more about how, when, and why to use the Values Canvas to build your own Responsible AI strategy? Get the book that started it all and begin your journey to becoming a leader in responsible AI.

Responsible AI book

Geoff Schaefer

Head of Responsible AI, Booz Allen Hamilton

“Olivia Gambelin has written an important and necessary book at a critical moment in AI. Her concept of the ‘Values Canvas’ is worth its weight in gold and is one of the few frameworks I’ve seen that makes Responsible AI more practical rather than more abstract. For any leader charged with ensuring AI is used responsibly within their organization, start here and return often.”

Patrick Bangert

Senior Vice President for Data, Analytics and AI, Searce

“Olivia Gambelin has written the go-to book on Responsible AI. Beyond technicalities, the managerial and human aspects emphasized make this book required reading for all managers and AI practitioners alike. Even if you are new to AI and wonder how to embed it in your organization, this book will give you a framework to do it responsibly, ethically, sustainably, and economically. Read it, implement it, and reap the rewards.”

Alyssa Lefaivre Škopac

Head of Global Partnerships and Growth, Responsible AI Institute

"Diving deep into the practical realm of AI ethics, this is a beacon for organizations seeking tangible guidance. Backed by hands-on expertise, it delivers invaluable tools and insights for cultivating AI programs grounded in ethics in today's complex and dynamic landscape."

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